Senate 150th Medals

Senator Poirier recognizes twelve individuals to receive the Senate of Canada 150th Anniversary Medal

Ottawa, December 14th, 2017 – Senator Rose-May Poirier is honoured to announce that the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal have been awarded to twelve deserving individuals from her region of New Brunswick who have contributed to the improvement of their community.

With the help of the local schools, Senator Poirier awarded a medal to six dedicated teachers and one hard working principal who not only give their time in their classrooms but also in many after school programs and community activities. A medal was also presented to a school to honour the great teamwork of its entire personnel.

As well, Senator Poirier believes that veterans are our heroes and should never be forgotten. Upon recommendations from the Royal Canadian Legions in her area, three courageous veterans were chosen to be recipients of the medal.

Lastly, Senator Poirier nominated a community leader who worked and fought to maintain and protect La Grotte et le Calvaire, an Acadian historical site in her home community.

The recipients are:

  • Ms. Line Gaudet-LeBlanc, W.F. Boisvert School
  • Ms. Josette Morais-Arsenault, Mgr Marcel François Richard School
  • Mr. Philippe McCaie, Assomption High School
  • Ms. Krista Betts, Eleanor W. Graham Middle School
  • Ms. Julie Hudson, Bonar Law Memorial School
  • Mr. Gary Fontaine, Mgr Marcel François Richard School
  • Ms. Cynthia Wood, Rexton Elementary School
  • Teaching Personnel of the Soleil Levant School
  • Mr. Léandre Maillet, Royal Canadian Legion
  • Mr. Leonard Pitre, Royal Canadian Legion
  • Mr. Edmond Daigle, Royal Canadian Legion
  • Mrs. Alfreda Comeau, Saint-Louis-des-Français Parish


"In this year being the 150th anniversary of our country, it was a great opportunity to highlight the work, dedication and passion of remarkable individuals who make the betterment of their community a priority. We thank and recognize them for their tireless and voluntary work to make Kent County a better place to live.”

-Senator Poirier

About the medals

  • These medals were awarded to Canadians who are deeply involved in their communities and whose generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work make their hometowns a better place to live
  • The obverse (front) side features the Senate’s emblem. The reverse side depicts the Senate chamber. There is also space for the inscription of the recipient’s name.
  • The medals are made of Muntz metal, an alloy comprised of bronze, copper and zinc, and have been cast by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • The medals mark the 150th anniversary of the Senate’s first sitting, which took place on November 6, 1867.